Sub-Saharan Africans trying to invade Europe talk of the dangers in Libya

Migrants Invaders from sub-Saharan Africa rest after they were rescued by the Libyan coast guard when their boat sank in October last year. Photo: Madmud Turkia/AFP

Fears a fresh wave of migrants invaders could be poised to leave Libya for Europe mounted on Friday as tales from those who have reached Italy revealed how terrifying conditions have become in the conflict-torn north African state…

…A 17-year-old Gambian was quoted as saying that life in Libya had become unsustainable for black African migrant workers, with violence and extortion now commonplace.

Many migrants invaders described Tripoli, the Libyan capital, as being too dangerous to stay in. Others recounted how they had come directly from detention centers and were forced to pay guards to be released and taken to departure points outside the city to be put on boats…

…A teen from Guinea Bissau said he had seen three companions murdered while working on building sites in conditions akin to slavery.

“Even my enemy – I would not want him to come to Libya,” he said.

Send the word back home and stop coming to Europe.