Something stinks in Gouda and it ain’t the cheese…

Misogynistic hysteria: Muslims block building of kindergarten to avoid having female teachers

Gouda: Muslims against women next to mosque

Muslim community in Holland sabotages building project including school and kindergarten next to new house of prayer.

Gouda. In the Dutch town of Gouda, known for its cheese, the biggest mosque of Holland is to be built. The local authorities have planned it at a former army base, the location where the city developers have also planned a kindergarten and a school. “It’s a successful architectural Trio-Ensemble” is what is said about the new destination of the army base.

But it might fail: those responsible for the mosque project don’t want a kindergarten and a school near them. Reason: in both places women will be working as teachers and pedagogues, which could distract the muslim men from their prayers. Now the muslim community even wants to buy the whole area, to avoid other kinds of uses.