Montreal imam whose passport was revoked is in Lebanon, lawyer won’t say how he got there

Federal immigration officials notified Mr. Sbeiti by letter on Nov. 19 that his passport had been “invalidated” and his “eligibility for passport services” was being reviewed. No explanation for the action was given.

But documents disclosed in court last week showed Mr. Sbeiti had been flagged by the Passport Canada security program after the RCMP’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team in Montreal said he was a “subject of interest in an ongoing investigation.”

On Dec. 5, the imam wrote asking for a new passport so he could visit his ailing father in Lebanon but there is no indication in his file he received one. Mr. Sbeiti is a citizen of both Canada and Lebanon. He told passport officials in 2012 he did not possess a valid travel document from any country other than Canada.


Dual citizenship, my guess is he lied and used his Lebanon issued passport.