It is Not The Role of The State to Sexualise Our Children at School

The UK has its own Child Grooming curriculum issues….

“This week, the Commons Education Select Committee recommended that sex and relationship education (SRE) should be taught in all primary schools, a suggestion following an Ofsted report which found that more than a third of schools were failing to provide ‘age appropriate’ SRE.

I, for one, am absolutely horrified at the prospect that our primary school children could be bombarded with obscene imagery at such a young age as part of their so called ‘education’. Progressives such as Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt are so obsessed with sexualising our children that it has come to a point where we run the risk of robbing them of their innocence.

One argument being pushed by these progressives is child safety. Committee Chairman Graham Stuart MP believes that compulsory sex education “forms an important part of any school’s efforts to safeguard young people from abuse”. I’m sorry, but this is a cop-out and an insult to the thousands of children who have suffered abuse. Children are not abused because of a lack of sex education. Children are abused because of the horrific actions of evil adults whilst certain social services have proven themselves to be too gutless to report incidents to the police.”