Islamophobia in Europe and the ways to end it

Crackpot Harun Yahya writing in the Jakarta Post:

Although the fear known as “Islamophobia” emerged across the globe in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, its roots go back to the Crusades, or even earlier.

Islam has now spread across the world: Muslims represent 6 percent of the population of Europe, more than 45 million. By 2050, Muslims are estimated to make up some 20 percent of the population and one in five people in Europe will be a Muslim — some of the main reasons for the rise in Islamophobia among Europeans in recent years.

No crazy Muslim fails to mention the Crusades. They might have happened last year. But, sadly, he is correct about the demographic projections.

However, the real trigger behind the rise in Islamophobia is the radical terror groups that have emerged in the name of Islam.

Various circles opposed to Islam played the most effective role in planting this fear into people’s minds and virtually led to a cottage industry of Islamophobic talk and activities and to the emergence of a security, intelligence and industrial apparatus worth trillions of dollars.

The concept of “Islamic terror” in almost all areas of social life and the deliberate inculcation of Islamophobia in world political centers is intended to prevent the rise of the Islamic world, which possesses economic and financial power centers, major energy resources and underground wealth.

It’s all an evil conspiracy to keep down the Islamic world? I don’t think so: you can do what you want there.

Discrimination and hostility toward them [Muslims] is surely incompatible with human rights and modern democracy, as well as being unjust and intolerant.

Nothing like a resident of the Muslim lecturing Europe about human rights.

There is only one way of overcoming all these fears; true Muslims must describe their faith with patience and moderation and explain and show that an Islam purged of all nonsense is modern, compatible with science, democracy and logic, enlightened, progressive, opposes terror and commands love, brotherhood and peace.

They must explain that Muslims have no intention of doing away with Christianity and that the Koran praises Christians.

They must explain that the mentality equated with terror, slaughter and suicide attacks, that is against art, science and all beauty and that is hostile to other faiths derives not from Islam, but from deluded fanatics.

Somehow that message is not getting through: strange isn’t it?