How to make it in Conservative America if you aren’t white: Be a racist

From the New Republic, now just another far-left site: a long rant mostly about Dinesh D’Souza (born in India) and a mention of Bobby Jindal (parents born in India):

…Racism among South Asians has some peculiar qualities; it’s not so much hatred of the other but the hatred of the almost-the-same, akin to a sibling rivalry. At the heart of this sort of immigrant racism is the desire to differentiate oneself from the group one could easily be identified with…

…Dinesh D’Souza, the right-wing provocateur whose history of incendiary racial comments stretches to his undergraduate days in the early 1980s, provides an interesting case study for the intersection of immigrant upward mobility and racism…

The following tweets were provided as part of the evidence:

Those look like conventional material for conservatives to me. I have not followed D’Souza lately but I did read one of his earlier books and I saw no racism there.

The writer, an Indian ethnic named Jeet Heer (lives in Toronto), seems outraged that compatriots have the nerve to have different opinions.

The comments are almost entirely in agreement with the article. I guess the old readers of The New Republic have decamped for good.