Copenhagen Post on the shootings: ‘Keeping a sense of proportion’

A popular Danish proverb reminds us not to lose a sense of proportion. In the hype of the past weekend, this is an important point to remember…

…As we try to consider how we can move forward from this tragedy, we must educate ourselves on the cultural barriers present in Denmark instead of letting this man beat us. Something needs to be changed.

We, as a society, should work hard to address these issues hand-in-hand with Denmark’s Muslim community. And likewise, the Muslim community in Denmark should reach out to one another to prevent these tragedies before they accelerate into catastrophes…

….Prevention is better than cure, so let us consider it a wake-up call and work on building a sense of cultural understanding and compatibility in this wonderful country.

I cannot fathom the utter stupidity of these people. This is after the funeral full of supporters.  

But while looking for an illustration, I found this: In defence of a Muslim takeover: Or, why we should welcome the extinction of the West

The author: Sumayya Kassamali is a PhD student in Anthropology at Columbia University in New York, where her research interests lie in religion, ritual, imagination and insurgency, with a focus on Islam and the Middle East. She is currently organizing on campus with Students for Justice in Palestine, and has previously organized with No One is Illegal in both Vancouver (Coast Salish Territories) and Toronto.