What on Earth Was Andrew Lawton’s Suspension Really About?

Emerging Leaders’ (EL) mandate is “to inspire, encourage and support the leaders of tomorrow”. Yet, this taxpayer funded make-work program for people with no discernable skills is missing an opportunity to defend an impressive young leader of today and tomorrow and keep him employed in London. Despite the fact that Andrew Lawton, host of ‘London’s Most Irreverent Talk Show’ on AM980 has recently brought London to national attention with his meaty interviews with Justin Trudeau and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and despite many contributions to local culture as an actor, singer, musician and dynamic speaker, some people want him gone from AM980. Why?

The purported reason for his suspension and efforts to have him fired, come from a small but vocal group who objected to Andrew posting some statistics on his personal Facebook page which they claim were offensive to gays. The posts were further to a discussion on his February 2nd show regarding a survey conducted by EL. He was asked to apologize for the Facebook post, which he did immediately and publicly, and yet the punishment continues.

Is it fair to ask if there’s more to this story?