US and Britain reject Libya’s call to lift a U.N. arms embargo

A fleet of cars parade freely through the Libyan city of Benghazi, showing the level of control they exercise in the country ruled almost entirely by rebel forces

Two of the most powerful members of the UN Security Council are rejecting Libya’s call to lift a UN arms embargo so it can defend itself against the Islamic State group, saying Thursday that the chaotic country needs a national unity government first.

Libya’s foreign minister told an emergency council meeting Wednesday that lifting the embargo is necessary as the militant group establishes a presence in northern Africa and moves closer to Europe. Alarm soared after a video released over the weekend showed the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians there.

“If we fail to have arms provided to us, this can only play into the hands of extremists,” Mohammed al Dairi said.

But the United States and Britain are openly worried about allowing more weapons into a country that has two separate governments, multiple militant groups and a high risk of weapons falling into unwanted hands…

So how do we help the elected non-Islamists? A unity government between them and Islamist Libya Dawn does not seem very probable.   Of course, Erdogan is throwing his weight being the Islamists. 

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Turkish Foreign Ministry slams Libyan PM’s remarks

Tobruk government (non-Islamist) says Turkey,”supports terrorists”: Tensions are mounting between the ‘official’ Libyan government recognised by the international community and exiled in Tobruk and Turkey, accused by Libyan premier Abdullah al-Thani of supporting terrorism while the possibility of economic sanctions is being floated.

The spokesman of the Turkish ministry of foreign affairs Tanju Bilgic reacted with a note accusing the “interim government” of making “irresponsable statements” and “hostile and unfounded comments against our country”. Turkey threatened it may have to take “appropriate measures”, without however specifying their nature.

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