Two gangs of women fight in cinema at Fifty Shades of Grey showing

Police were called to the Grosvenor Cinema in Glasgow’s Ashton Lane (pictured) on Saturday after witnesses said a group of women had got drunk before attacking a man who asked them to be quiet

A screening of hit-film Fifty Shades of Grey turned ugly when two gangs of women clashed in the cinema aisles.

The screaming match took place at Barnsley’s Parkway cinema during the Valentine’s Day showing of E.L. James’ raunchy blockbuster.

The row became so heated it drowned out the closing soundtrack of the movie – which meant many disgruntled cinema-goers missed the climax.

One said: ‘There was a group of women, I won’t call them ladies, who were talking loudly and laughing all the way through the film…

On the same night, police arrested three women at a screening of the film in Glasgow after reports a man was glassed.

Officers were called to the city’s Grosvenor cinema after reports a group of ‘drunk and rowdy’ women had turned violent.

Witnesses said movie-goers were vomiting in the aisles of the cinema – where alcoholic drinks are served – before the alleged attack.

Just a guess: does this film attract aggressive women?