‘They have learned our secrets’: CNN ridiculed after ludicrous claim that ISIS is luring women with kittens and Nutella

Supporters of the Islamic State have taken to Twitter to mock claims the terrorist organisation is luring women into its fold using kittens and Nutella.

The original claim was made by CNN’s Newsroom anchor Carol Costello on Wednesday during a piece on how ISIS twists and manipulates its image to present living in the vast swathes of Syria and Iraq currently under the group’s control as being a pleasant experience.

The accusation was that women are falling for ISIS’ use of images and videos of cute cats to make the Sunni extremists appear less intimidating, and have been duped into thinking life under the terror is similar to the West thanks to references to eating Nutella in emoji-strewn Twitter posts.

The suggestion that women are being lured by the technique has been widely ridiculed – not just in the Western media, but now also by the supporters of the jihadis themselves, who have taken to posing with kittens and posting jokes about the power of the chocolate and hazelnut spread.