The Real Threat to Europe

To understand the fate awaiting Europe, it is necessary to listen seriously to what the upper echelons of Islam say to each other about their intentions — in Arabic. These messages are quite different from those on Western television. What they say to each other is that the mission of Islam is to lead the whole world and eradicate all other religions, as they have been made irrelevant by the Qur’an.

Charlie Hebdo’s cover after the attacks illustrates the very weakness exploited by the Islamists. The cover shown Muhammad, with a tear, aligning himself with humanism. To every Muslim on the planet, it shouted France’s weakness, its increasing surrender to the Islamist threat, and the growing strength of Islam.

The real threat to Europe does not come from local Muslims who went to fight in the ranks of ISIS. The real threat comes from Muslims already in the enclaves in Europe. Their doctrine appears openly and without reservation, in books and on websites. It is spread in local languages in mosques by the imams in their communities. These communities command immigration; then the forming of enclaves in the host country, then the eventual violent takeover of the host.

Mass immigration and multiculturalism are deliberately malicious policies imposed on a naive populace by our political class.

Multiculturalism is the divide and conquer propaganda that all cultures are equal and deserving of respect which to date has enabled the codswallop of our mass immigration policy to receive widespread acceptance. The result of this con job is that all of our mainstream political parties are now brokerage parties concerned primarily with the selling of privilege to ethnic strongmen in exchange for votes.

The proverbial chickens are coming home to roost however. In their zeal to cheapen Canadian citizenship into a mere commodity the policy of mass immigration has opened the door to the steady influx of a culture that is not only intolerant but despises the very existence of our own society. Mass immigration has been tarted up for public consumption as a means of ensuring economic prosperity for all. In reality it is designed to ensure the prosperity of our well sheltered elites whom to date couldn’t care less where their immigration fodder came from so long as their agenda was met.

If Europe is any indication however our elites will one day come to fear the diversity they have foisted on the rest of us.

Muslim immigration is daily proving itself a looming disaster for Europe.

We can expect no better for Canada.