The Best Defense Against A Bad Guy With A Gun is A Good Guy With A Gun

Some very fine technique here too, so for all of you Europeans out there, this is how it’s done.

Good stance, good grip, good awareness of where his rounds are going, and then calmly sending rounds where he meant for them for be. Everything is roughly center mass and no bystanders or furniture were struck.

Also note, just how damn calm everyone seems to be.

“Terry Gillenwater, 25, of Quick, was pronounced dead at a hospital Wednesday, Kanawha County Sheriff’s Cpl. Brian Humphreys said.Humphreys said charges will not be filed against Don Radcliff, one of the pharmacists at Good Family Pharmacy, who shot and killed Gillenwater.Police had said Wednesday that charges were not planned, but the case had been sent to Kanawha Prosecuting Attorney Chuck Miller for final approval of that decision.Radcliff and a pharmacy intern tried to render aid to Gillenwater after Radcliff shot him in the chest and abdomen, according to pharmacy employees. Another shot also hit Gillenwater’s gun.Gillenwater walked into the business wearing a bandana over his face, then silently pulled out a gun, according to pharmacy employees.”