Murphy’s Law: The Religion Of Hate Explains Itself

February 20, 2015: Moslems are increasingly, and in public, raising questions about whether Islam is really the “religion of peace.” This comes in the wake of the growing number of ISIL videos showing Islamic terrorists killing unarmed Moslems in increasingly creative and gruesome ways. The question being asked by more Moslems is why is this happening and how can it be stopped?

What has not yet been brought up in the Moslem world is the problem the rest of the world sees; that Islam is, in reality, the region of intolerance and hypocrisy. In the West this is obvious, but in the Moslem world it is not. Consider the fact that Moslems demand that others be tolerant of their customs but refuse to respect the customs (or religions) of others. Thus Moslems are free to practice their religion in the West while in many Moslem countries others are not. Saudi Arabia does not even allow any religious buildings that are not Moslem. Thus there are no Christian churches, Hindu temples, Jewish synagogues or any non-Moslem house of worship in Saudi Arabia. It is against the law there. In many Moslem countries it is illegal to convert a Moslem to another religion. In some Moslem countries (like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) the penalty for any Moslem converting is death. There is a reason for all this.

The word “Islam” derives from the Arabic word “istaslama” which means, literally, “submission.” What is implied, for most Moslems, is that non-Moslems must submit as well, whether they want to or not.

h/t RH