Idiot At National Post Says If We Pretend Islam & Terrorism Aren’t Linked Muslims Will Like Us More!

Andrew Coyne: The case for watching our language on Islamism

“…On the surface, the insistence of Obama and other leaders that “this has nothing to do with Islam,” would seem as odd as that of their critics, that it has everything to do with Islam. As David Frum writes on the Atlantic website, “it seems a strange use of authority for an American president to take it upon himself to determine which interpretations of Islam are orthodox and which are heretical.” But there is a strong case for saying such things, even if you don’t believe them — especially if you don’t believe them — precisely in the service of fighting terrorism.

The one thing that could be predicted to cause more Muslims, here and abroad, to believe that violence against the West was justified would be if they were to become convinced that, indeed, there is “a clash of civilizations,” that Islam was under attack, and that they themselves, as practitioners of the religion, were objects of suspicion and hostility.”


Shorter Coyne or the liberal racism of lowered expectations:

If we pretend that Islamic terrorism has no links to Islam then Muslims will like us more and maybe not cut our heads off.

I bet you’ve memorized the shahada haven’t you Andrew.