At least 30 dead in Boko Haram raids near Chibok, Nigeria

The two villages in Nigeria were completely destroyed due to the attack. -AP/File Photo

KANO: At least 30 people were killed in Boko Haram raids on two villages in northeast Nigerian Borno state near the town of Chibok, a community leader and residents told AFP on Friday.

The attacks on Thursday targeted the villages of Thlaimakalama and Gatamarwa, which were torched by the rampaging militants, said Pogo Bitrus, head of the Chibok Elders Forum.

“From information coming in from residents of the two villages at least 30 people were killed in the attacks,” he added.

Luka Haruna, who lives in Chibok, some 15 kilometres away, gave an identical death toll and added: “The two villages were completely destroyed”…

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Talka, a 36-year-old trader from Nigeria’s Borno state, fled attacks by Boko Haram Islamists with his two wives and four of their children. In the chaos, though, his three daughters were separated from the family, last seen being dragged off by militants.

Now Talka fears Happy, aged seven, and Daga and Lakwa, both five, could be strapped up with explosives and dispatched as suicide bombers.