After Terrorist Massacre of Egyptians, Cairo Cools on Hamas Even More

The brutal massacre of 21 Egyptian Copts in Libya committed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) affected not only the Egyptian attitude towards its western neighbor, but also towards its small eastern neighbor, the Gaza Strip. Although the Egyptian military reaction targeted terrorist strongholds in Libya, Hamas officials understood the message very well: No one should be seen as endangering Egypt’s security and stability.

Egyptian journalist Tawfiq Akasha stated emphatically (Arabic link) that the next step after the attack on Libya is a merciless attack on Gaza terrorist nests, to destroy those he calls “sons of the devil.” Egyptian broadcaster Ahmed Musa made similar remarks, according to the news site Al-Masdar (Arabic link). The messages were clearly understood by the Palestinian public and critically discussed on their social networks. Many Palestinians Facebook users reacted angrily to the remarks by Akasha and Musa and harshly criticized them.

Even if a Libyan-style attack against Hamas by the Egyptian air force is not currently on the agenda, the hint of this option has caused consternation for Hamas’ leadership…