The Chapel Hill Shooting Was Anything but a Dispute Over Parking

The shooting deaths of three Muslim university students last week in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has ignited a firestorm of debate about the killer’s motives…

….But could it be, some are asking, that Hicks simply snapped? That this was not a hate crime motivated by underlying anti-Muslim animus, but rather was the tragic ending to a simple misunderstanding over noisy neighbors who parked in the wrong space?

The idea that a parking dispute would trigger such senseless violence isn’t farfetched in today’s America. But bringing up things like “parking disputes” in order to avoid conversations about deep-seated prejudices isn’t unheard of, either. In fact, “parking concerns” are a pretext that seems to plague the American Muslim community, especially when mosques are involved.

In November, residents of Des Plaines, Illinois, packed a city council meeting to express their annoyance over a local mosque’s plans to expand its parking lot.

“Mosque parking” has also been a hot-button issue in a Michigan town…

…Craig Stephen Hicks did not kill Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha and Razan Abu-Salha over a parking spot.

Not in the context of a poisonous climate of anti-Muslim prejudice… Calling the North Carolina murders a “parking dispute” is an abomination. It’s an indicator of the real social cancer tearing apart the soul of this country.

Notice what the writer did here?

1) Started with a description of the crime
2) Mentioned the parking lot dispute
3) Immediately launched into a description of unrelated complaints about parking disputes involving Muslims
4) Segued into general complaints about how awful life is for American Muslims
5) Concluded it must be a “hate crime” and thus the parking lot dispute is not true
6) Ended up talking about “social cancer”