We must engage jihad enemies in online war

Wars are often fought on more than one front.

During the Second World War, Allied forces fought and won the war on both the eastern and western fronts in Europe, along with winning the war in the Pacific.

The war of Canada and its allies against Daesh, more commonly called Islamic State or ISIS (I prefer Daesh mostly because they hate to be called it), is no different.

It has at least two fronts: The physical one in Syria and Iraq, and the digital one on the world wide web.

We may be winning the war on the physical front. According to the Pentagon, coalition bombs have killed more than 6,000 ISIS fighters since the campaign began in late 2014.

But any ground we are gaining in the physical war, we are ceding on the other front. We are losing the online war. Badly.

Through their aggressive social media presence and so-called Cyber Caliphate, ISIS is recruiting more fighters than coalition bombs are killing.