Turkish World Bulletin calls a handful of Westerners fighting with Assyrian Christians against ISIS a ‘crusade’

Brett, a Westerner who has joined the Iraqi Christian militia Dwekh Nawsha to fight against Islamic State militants, poses at the office of the Assyrian political party in Dohuk, northern Iraq. Reuters/Ari Jalal

We posted on this a few days ago. No figures were given, but the general impression was that there very few. If there were more than a handful, I would expect much more reporting on the phenomenon.

The Westerners are joining a small Assyrian Christian militia called Dwekh Nawsha. Because the Kurdish PKK remains listed as a terror group it would be illegal to join with them. The Syrian Kurdish group YPG is still enmeshed in far-left Marxist ideas and thus is not as attractive, but some have joined. I posted the Reuters story, but AFP also wrote a piece , as did the UK Independent.

Now along comes the pro-Erdogan Turkish World Bulletin, adding a few comments not found in any of other stories:

There has been ample talk in the mainstream media about the hundreds, if not thousands, of young Muslims being radicalized and traveling to Syria and Iraq to fight for the ISIS.

Receiving much less coverage in the press, but at least equally as important, is that there are also hundreds of foreign fighters heading to the region to fight against ISIS. More and more Western foreigners are joining a new Christian militia called Dwekh Nawsha…

…Apparently, such militants are getting military help from people in the West who don’t feel the Iraqi government and Western powers are doing enough. Some Europeans have been talking about an“armed pilgrimage” to Iraq, saying what is needed is a fifth Crusade or a new Lepanto, recalling the historic battle of Oct. 7, 1571, when the Holy League defeated the Muslim fleets of the Ottoman Empire.

The paranoia of these Islamoloons would be a joke if there were not so damned many of them.