The Murder of Adele Biton and the Glorification of Terrorism at York University

Addele Biton is dead. The toddler, who was critically injured in 2013, spent the last two years fighting for her life after being struck in the head by stone-throwing Palestinian terrorists. She died this Tuesday, following pneumonia complications, for the crime of being a Jew.

As the fatal attacks against Adele Biton (2013), Asher and Yonatan Palmer ( 2011), and Yehudam Shoham (2001) have made perfectly clear, rocks are thrown with the intent to wound, maim, and kill. In 2013 alone, there were more than 2400 rock throwing attacks in Israel, injuring over 100 civilians. No decent person can proffer an exculpatory explanation for the routine targeting of innocent civilians; to justify Palestinian stone throwing as a legitimate form of resistance is to incite and promote terror.