New assault against Melilla barrier – 30 get through

Would-be immigrants sit on a border fence separating Morocco from the north African Spanish enclave of Melilla in an attempt to jump over on Thursday, Feb 19, 2015. Angela Rios/AFP/Getty Images

MADRID – A new assault against a border post in Mellilla, a Spanish enclave in Morocco, took place today at dawn, when thirty sub-Saharan migrants climbed over the frontier-barrier crossing into Spanish territory while other 20 remain on the towering razor-wire fence in the vicinity of the Barrio crossing, said sources from the local authorities.

The migrants who managed to climb over the barrier were escorted by the police to the temporary detention centre (Ceti) of Melilla. This is the first assault that occurs after Moroccan security forces carried out the evacuation of migrant camps on mount Gurugú, an area close to the border, where hundreds of sub-Saharans wait for an opportunity to cross the frontier.

In the last few days, Moroccan human rights Ngos denounced that at least 1,500 migrants have been transferred to temporary detention facilities, located in 18 different Moroccan towns, “against their will”. The migrants are now expected to be repatriated to their countries of origin.