Italy Prepares for Potential ISIS Air Attack

The officials at Lampedusa airport (pictured) are struggling to process the 1,200 newly arrived migrants in a reception centre built for a third of that number – and now Islamic State has threatened to send 500,000 to Europe’s shores

According to recent reports, the Italian Secret Service fears an air attack by ISIS, compounding the already existent danger of terrorist infiltration among with throngs of immigrants coming to Italy by boat from neighboring Libya.

Several days ago, the air defense system went into high alert after the secret service sent a notice.

The notice spoke of aircraft prepared to take off from Sirte and able to strike the Italian peninsula. Though this has not yet occurred, tensions remain high because of the strong risk of an attack carried out by “lone wolves” as occurred in Paris and in Copenhagen…

Meanwhile, from The Daily Mail: ISIS could become the pirates of the Mediterranean and bring havoc to European waters after taking coastal towns in Libya, officials warn: Militias loyal to ISIS could bring Somalia-style piracy to the Mediterranean, officials fear.

Two centuries after the brutal Berber pirates were cowered into submission, the threat of maritime terror in the Med is once again looming from North Africa.

Fighters that have sworn allegiance to the Islamic State have made sweeping new inroads in Libya, and have taken numerous coastal towns, just a few hundred miles across the water from mainland Europe.

Italian officials believe that militants are already working with experienced seamen – the human traffickers shipping tens of thousands of migrants to Europe every month…

The Italian politicians are very dense. They are wrapped in idealistic ideas about a “common community” in the Mediterranean.

The Northern League, led by Matteo Salvini, is trying to wake people up, saying a few days ago that “migrants” should be left on the boats.

He has had no luck in Sicily, where he was pelted with eggs.

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