Six arrested in Bosnia for allegedly supporting IS, Four detained in Sweden for funding IS: report

Supporters of the Islamic State wave guns and flags at a rally in Raqqa, Syria (photo credit: YouTube screen cap/Vice)

SARAJEVO — Authorities on Wednesday arrested six men suspected of supporting the Islamic State group, including two who allegedly were preparing to go to Syria to fight and were arrested at Sarajevo airport.

Boris Grubesic, spokesman for the state prosecution office, said the arrests were made in several cities in cooperation with the intelligence service. The suspects were members of radical religious groups and were suspected of financing and recruiting fighters.

For years Bosnia’s intelligence service has been monitoring such groups and individuals, frequently raiding their strongholds and detaining leaders who most of the time were later released because of lack of evidence…

Sweden: Swedish police detained four people Tuesday on suspicion of having used six companies to help fund the Islamic State group, the Dagens Nyheter daily reported.

Police said a “large raid” took place in Stockholm as part of a probe into money laundering and undeclared work but declined to comment further.

Sources close to the investigation told Dagens Nyheter the suspects had ties to Syria and IS.

The paper said Tuesday’s arrests targeted three men and a woman aged between 31 and 50.

Swedish government agencies estimate that up to 10 million Swedish kronor ($1.19 million, 1.05 million euros) are sent to violent extremist groups every year…