Police Have No Evidence of ‘Islamophobia’ in Student Shootings, but convincing the Muslim world will be difficult

Police are unable to find any evidence that the murder of three Muslim students was driven by anti-Muslim sentiment:

The Facebook page of Craig Hicks — the man accused of killing three Muslim college students on Feb. 10 — seems to paint a picture of a person who supports an individual’s right to his own beliefs, even as he clearly despises organized religion.

The New York Post reports that ”police said they have yet to uncover any evidence” the students were singled out for the their religion…

Hicks-Screencap-1UPDATE: Chapel Hill Shooter Defended Ground Zero Mosque and Islam

Prediction: If this not classified as a “hate crime” the Muslim world will go nuts. It is receiving coverage worldwide: from Palestine (where the PA wants a role in the investigation) to Saudi Arabia to Qatar to Pakistan to Turkey.

And those are just the countries that have turned up in my Google alerts: most places I am not even checking. It being seen as an attack on Islam itself.

Meanwhile, the leftist media in the Anglo world are pushing the narrative that at a bare minimum, it must have been racist.

But note the differences between the Chapel Hill killing and say, the Charlie Hebdo killings. First off, Craig Hicks did not seem to have planned it. He did not seek out Muslims or people of a different race per se.

He was angry over a local dispute and lost his temper (evidence of his bad temper is considerable). In the Charlie Hebdo case, it was planned and the targets were sought out deliberately: Charlie Hebdo over the cartoons, and Jews were selected because they were Jews.

Secondly, Hicks was not yelling stuff like “Allahu Akbar” while committing the crime. That type of talk points clearly to an Islamist motive.

While his Facebook page showed a strong dislike of religion, he did not single out Islam.   If anything, he seemed to resent Christianity more.  

While there no question that many in the West are fed up with Islamic terrorism and are starting to resent Islam itself, it rarely results in actually killing.