Islam and Violence: The Left in the Mildew of a Thousand Years

“When I returned from Algeria to Frankfurt after the ten “black years.” I couldn’t believe my ears. My lefty German friends — 68ers, trade unionists, Greens, SPD members — informed me that the 150,000 dead, the countless schools burned down because of mixed classes, the acid attacks on women’s’ uncovered legs, the beheading of managers of steam baths, the destruction of vats of wine by salvos from Kalashnikovs, the murder of members of religious orders — nuns as well as priests, and the execution of my Muslim friends — all that had nothing to do with Islam. The GIA was not about Islam, but about resistance against the corrupt, dictatorial military regime, in other words, it was about justice and democracy. It had nothing to do with religion. Of course, they could understand that I was traumatized, but it was distorting my ability to see the thing analytically.”