Dear Judge, yes Ben Levin is into Child Pornography but he’s a respected Liberal Party member…

I wonder who will write on his behalf.

Kathleen Wynne’s Close Adviser Bad Touch Ben Levin Asks For Letters Of Support Before Child Porn Sentencing

“For the benefit of the court, letters should indicate that you are aware of the guilty pleas to the three charges. In that regard, you may want to use language such as the following, suggested by my lawyer: I am aware that Mr. Levin is pleading guilty to one count of possession of child pornography, one count of making written child pornography, and one count of counselling a sexual assault.

“I am aware that these charges stem from Internet conversations in which he engages with strangers in explicit discussion of sexual acts with children. I am aware that during these chats he counselled an undercover police officer posing as the mother of a child to sexually assault her child for him. I am aware that 15 images and two videos considered to be child pornography were found in his knowing possession on his computer.”

“I recognize that these are serious charges and highly distressing to many people,” said Levin’s letter. “Over the last 18 months, I have sent several communications about my situation to people who have contacted me, but chose not to reach out to anyone who did not first contact me. If you do decide to write, letters should speak to my personal qualities or professional accomplishments (both of which can be illustrated by sharing anecdotes) as you know them. Letters can be as long or short as seems appropriate to you. In addition, a letter should say a little about yourself so that the court can understand who you are and how you know me.”