Bonus photos: Cold weather and interesting starry sky pix

A partially frozen American Falls in sub freezing temperatures is seen in Niagara Falls, Ontario after temperatures dropped to -14 Celsius. The National Weather Service has issued Wind Chill Warning in Western New York from midnight Wednesday to Friday. Picture: REUTERS/Lindsay DeDario


White-House-shovelling-snowA National Park Service employee holds a shovel as he walks on the driveway of the White House


potd-stars_3203823kPhotographer Vincent Brady used a customised rig of four cameras to take this dazzling planetary panorama of the Devils Tower in Wyoming Picture: VINCENT BRADY / CATERS NEWS


The zodiacal lightZodiacal light (L) and the Milky Way (R) as seen from Salgótarján, 109km northeast of Budapest, Hungary. The cone-shaped light is caused by sunshine reflected from dust particles of the zodiacal cloud. The phenomenon can be observed the best in February and March. Peter Komka/EPA