The Rape of Europa

Have you ever noticed how rapey the pro-immigration conventional wisdom has become?

UN demographers recently forecast that the population of Africa would quadruple to four billion in this century. That seems implausible since a lot of the current billion are already trying to get into Europe.

Now two UN officials advise Europeans to stop resisting, lie back and think of Africa.

From the Toronto Star:

Europe must open borders to migrants, UN official says

Europe needs to embrace the migrants appearing on its shores and create a meaningful refugee settlement program that will put human smugglers out of business and save countless lives, says the United Nation’s special rapporteur on human rights of migrants.

European Union attempts to “seal” borders will continue to fail and more migrants will lose their lives at sea if fleeing refugees aren’t given the right to settle where they want, François Crépeau said on Thursday from New York.

“I don’t see any other solution for Europe,” he said. “They need to open the borders.”

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