The Peninsula Qatar – Migrant deaths

Lots of money to go around in Qatar

As the world remains focused on terrorism, Ukraine and other issues, an equally important issue is brushed under the carpet – migrant deaths in Europe. The deaths of some 300 migrants last week in the icy waters of the Mediterranean during their bid to cross to Europe and of 29 others who died of hypothermia after being rescued last week should have shaken the conscience of the world, especially Europe.

But unfortunately, it has only created a whimper. World agencies which vociferously espouse the cause of the weak and the victimized are not raising their voice over this issue, and governments on either side are adopting a dangerous, determined silence.

Every year, African migrants die trying to reach the Italian island of Lampedusa, which lies just 70 miles off the North African coast, and trying to cross to the Canary Islands, a Spanish possession 62 miles off the African coast. Meanwhile, around 600 migrants tried to climb the fence at Melilla, along with Ceuta, a Spanish enclave on the North African coast.

But all these tragedies have been following a familiar pattern. Whenever people drown trying to make the hazardous crossing, either over water to European islands or overland to European enclaves in Africa, human-rights groups make some noise their hands and immigration activists will criticize European governments for their failure to address the issue. But no serious efforts are made to find a comprehensive solution…

How about sending them to Qatar?