NYT: Anger of Suspect in Danish Killings Is Seen as Only Loosely Tied to Islam

COPENHAGEN — When Aydin Soei, a sociologist in Denmark, met members of an inner-city gang in 2008, one teenage tough stood out as more intelligent than his peers, and more mercurial. He showed little interest in Islam, but a deep loathing for Denmark, the country where he was born and spent his entire life.

On Sunday, that former gang member, Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein, died in a gun battle with Danish police officers just a few hundred yards from his boyhood home in Norrebro, an immigrant area of the Danish capital. It was the final, bloody episode of a short and angry life that included street crime and macho violence and ended with a 15-hour explosion of militancy on the streets of Copenhagen.

Thousands of Danes bearing lighted torches and flags braved icy wind to gather for a mass memorial Monday evening in the Copenhagen neighborhood where the gunman sprayed a cafe with bullets Saturday afternoon. The cafe, whose name translates as “the powder keg,” was hosting a discussion about free speech at the time of the attack.

As the authorities across Europe try to figure out how radical Islam turns a tiny but dangerous minority of young Muslims into terrorists, Mr. Soei, the sociologist, said that Mr. Hussein, 22, was an exemplar of a phenomenon of Europe’s urban neighborhoods, not a product of the teachings of the Quran or their distortions by militant preachers.

“This wasn’t an intellectual Islamist with a long beard,” Mr. Soei said. “This was a loser man from the ghetto who is very, very angry at Danish society”…

Angry enough to copy the French pattern: 1) shoot up a place discussing free speech and cartoons of Mohammed and 2) then go a kill some Jews.  It is all society’s fault, of course. The usual crap.

I am not convinced in the slightest. He may not have cared about Islam per se, but he belonged to their tribe and acted accordingly. And let us not forget that people left flowers for the killer too.

I would not blame this on NYT’s biased reporting either: there are clearly a large number of Danes pushing the “Nothing to do with Islam” line. These tweets were reported by The Local (just as biased at NYT of course):

Someone replied to the latter:

The Local’s report on the killer: From petty criminal to cold-blooded killer