Kathy Shaidle takes on Jon Stewart, Brian Williams, Shirley MacLaine and other fabulists


So, yes, it has been a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week” for the mainstream media.

Former crack addict and wife beater David Carr of the New York Times died, as did Bob Simon of 60 Minutes and, as some of us like to call it—speaking of journalistic malpractice—“Pallywood.”

A few old-enough-to-know-better conservative commentators, buoyed by “Chopperquiddick,” have been celebrating (yet again) the “end of the liberal media.”

Some even smell a conspiracy.

But given Viacom’s billions, and the comparable wealth of every other print and broadcasting conglomerate, it’s sadly safe to say that reports of big media’s death—like much of their very own output, from Twain’s premature obit onward—are greatly exaggerated.