‘Jews are on the front lines of this war’

After the fatal attacks in Copenhagen, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a ‘mass immigration’ of European Jews to Israel. DW spoke with two Jewish leaders about the threat to Europe’s Jewish community.

DW: In both Paris and Copenhagen, the Jewish community was targeted. What was your reaction when you heard what happened?

Moshe Kantor: Jews are being singled out in a war on our communities. It is not what we do or say, it is who we are. The communities are rightly concerned because there is an attempt to harm our normal fabric of life by slowly and methodically attacking communities across the continent in the hope of terrorizing the Jews of Europe.
Maram Stern: I wish the whole world would condemn it, but regrettably this is not the case. I am missing many, many NGOs who pretend to work for a better and safer world.