JDL Canada and CIJA clash over Montreal expansion

MONTREAL — The militant Jewish Defence League of Canada (JDL) came to Montreal to find recruits for its resistance against those it views as radical Islamists, but its first battle here is with the leadership of the Jewish community.

JDL director Meir Weinstein, who revived the controversial group in Toronto about six years ago, blasted the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) for its denunciation of the JDL’s attempt to form a Montreal chapter.

Before about 100 people on Feb. 16 at Ruby Foo’s Hotel, Weinstein called it a “disgrace” that CIJA would speak against the JDL. He said CIJA’s main spokesperson on the issue, Rabbi Reuben Poupko, is “two-faced,” because Weinstein alleged he used to be a JDL supporter.