France announces surrender

‘Increase of radical imams’ worries France

French intelligence services are concerned by a rise in the number of radical clerics taking over mosques in France, according to a French media report on Tuesday. There are reportedly 25 preaching in the Paris region alone.

Just weeks after France was rocked by a series of terror attacks by homegrown jihadists, the intelligence services in the country are concerned by a growing number of mosques that are home to radical preachers.

According to RTL radio the intelligence services are increasingly concerned that mosques in France are being taken over by extremist imams.

RTL says it has seen a report by intelligence services which states there are 25 “radical prayer rooms” in the Ile-de-France region around Paris, 22 in the region around the city of Lyon and 13 around Marseille


How could Imam’s have anything to do with Islam?