Greenfield: Polk Awards Responds to Paris Attacks by Honoring Critic of Mohammed Cartoons, Garry Trudeau

This is like reacting to the Copenhagen attack by giving an award to a censor. Except Gary Trudeau hasn’t been relevant since the 80s. And that’s being generous. Doonesbury exists as some kind of corporate welfare gig that no one either reads or understands.

There was a time when the media treated Trudeau like he was Jon Stewart. The equivalent would be giving Jon Stewart an award in 2050 for mumbling aimlessly about topical references from the 1990s as part of a series of jokes that no one has been following in decades.

Trudeau is completely out of touch. He doesn’t follow the events that he writes about. Not that anyone would even notice since no one actually reads him. But liberals being liberals, this is happening anyway.

In a nod to a craft in the spotlight after the Paris terrorist attacks, Garry Trudeau will be the first cartoonist ever honored for his entire career’s work when the 2014 George Polk Awards in Journalism are given out in April.

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