Our political class believes in an “acceptable level” of Muslim violence

THE grim cycle of lethal Islamic fanaticism continues to deepen across Europe

“…Driven by their authoritarian theocratic impulse, the Muslim ideologues want to see the absolute domination of their creed across the globe.

The death toll inflicted by Islam is astonishing.

In Europe, the catalogue includes the Madrid bombings, the murder of the Dutch artist Theo van Gogh, the four fatal shootings at the Belgian Jewish Museum last May, and decapitation of Drummer Lee Rigby in 2013.

If any other ethnic or religious group were responsible for this reign of terror, say Australians or Methodists, the response of the authorities would be impressively tough.

But the pernicious doctrine of multi-culturalism means that the political establishments in Britain and Europe are paralysed.

Desperate to maintain the illusion of harmonious diversity, they refuse to protect us.

Instead of robust action, they prefer to deny and downplay what is really happening in our midst.


Our political class believes in an “acceptable level” of Muslim violence and if you dare to point out that Islam is the problem you will be called a racist. A racist because you have blasphemed against the Twin God’s of Multiculturalism and Diversity.

The ugly ghettoization of Multiculturalism is a Divide and Conquer tyranny designed to keep dissenters in their place. It is a policy that ensures an indoctrinated populace, sufficiently numbed by Multiculturalism’s moral and cultural relativism, will be too fragmented, docile or scared to question mass immigration and specifically immigration from Muslim nations.

But tell me. When does Christianity get to become a race or is that a privilege accorded only Islam in Canada?