NYT Lost On What Synagogue, Kosher Market Have In Common – satire

New York, February 15 – Editors at the New York Times are struggling to find a common denominator among shooting incidents that targeted Jewish sites in Europe, wondering whether in fact Europe is simply being convulsed by random acts of violence, the paper noted today.

In an editorial published Sunday, the board of the paper lamented the seeming upsurge of attacks by radicalized men, but admitted failure in forming a coherent picture that might explain why such seemingly unrelated locations as a Jewish house of worship, a Jewish museum, a Jewish school, and a kosher supermarket would all be targeted. The editors urged investigators to remain vigilant and warned readers not to jump to conclusions about the events, especially conclusions that might give rise to Islamophobia.

“Observers, especially those with a political agenda, might be tempted to rush to judgment that a spate of attacks by men professing Islamic faith on individuals and institutions associated with some Jews might be more than mere coincidence,” declared the editorial. “But sober minds such as President Obama’s know that the victims could easily have been selected at random. We must not foment sectarian flames, given the very real danger that Muslims might be made to feel uncomfortable”…