News site in Qatar: Countering Islamophobia

Picture accompanying the article: presumably it shows the author of the article.

The brutal murder of Deah Barakat, 23, his wife Yusra Abu Salha, 21, and her sister Razan Abu Salha at Chapel Hill was not the first attack on Muslims in US and the West in general. Muslims have been victims of hate crimes and racism since the September 11 incident in New York, and the attacks soared after the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Incidents of Islamophobia have increased 70 percent in France this year, compared to 2014.

Islamophobia manifests itself in newspapers and other media outlets, and takes the form of killings, slaughters and massacres. The ranks of Islamophobes are swelling every day and are joined by political, social, cultural and educational institutions in the West, including government and private organizations. Schools and public institutions have forbidden girls from wearing hijab and extended the rule to mothers accompanying their children to schools, and students are made to eat non-halal meat.

Adherence to a specific religion can prevent you from attaining citizenship. Religion has become a source of intimidation and violence…

…But how can we counter these negative perceptions and their consequences? First of all, we need to remind the West about their double standards.

For this reason, we need to support the solidarity walk being organized by Qatar Foundation today to protest the Chapel Hill massacres. The perpetrators of the attack should be brought to justice…

The perp is already in jail! He will get a long prison sentence, even if it is not judged a hate crime. What makes the Editor-in-Chief of The Peninsula Qatar think there is more than one perp?  

Where are girls forbidden to wear a hijab?  Not in the UK, Canada or the USA.  Where are they forced to eat non-halal meat? Nowhere, that I know of.  I would like to see a case where religion stopped someone from obtaining citizenship. 

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