Legal battle looms over Christian school closure in ‘British Values’ row

School accused of failing to teach pupils properly about Islam and sex claims Nicky Morgan is ‘tainted with bias’

Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, is facing an embarrassing pre-election legal battle over plans to close down a Christian school accused of failing to teach pupils properly about Islam and sex.

Mrs Morgan announced last month that Durham Free School would be shut after it failed the Government’s new “British Values” tests introduced in the wake of the so-called “Trojan Horse” scandal in which hard-line Muslim groups attempted to infiltrate schools in Birmingham.

But lawyers for the school’s trustees are preparing a High Court challenge claiming that Mrs Morgan’s decision was “tainted with bias” and therefore legally flawed.

They are demanding that Mrs Morgan stand aside from the process in the same way as Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, had to relinquish his role in decision-making over the proposed takeover of BSkyB after his remarks about Rupert Murdoch.

The school has complained to Ofsted of alleged “inappropriate questioning” by inspectors said to have asked children as young as 11 how they would treat classmates who were gay or Muslim and whether they knew “how to make a baby”…

It starts seemingly innocently: British values. But what are they? Whatever Big Brother decides.

None of this would have happened without mass immigration of Muslims.  Meanwhile, the Muslims will find ways to skirt the rules — they always do.