Egypt retaliates with air strikes after ISIS beheads 21 Coptic Christians in Libya; Libyan PM calls for international airstrikes

Egypt launched airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Libya this morning as it ‘seeks retribution’ for the barbaric filmed beheading of 21 Coptic Christians.

There were at least seven strikes in Derna in the east of the country, which has become a hotbed of Islamic extremism since Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011.

It is the first time Egypt has announced military action against Islamist targets in its western neighbour, having previously denied it targeted militants there, and the first time militants connected with the Islamic State terror group have been hit with airstrikes outside Syria and Iraq…

More: Egypt exacted its revenge on Islamic State militants today with air strikes which a military chief claims killed at least 50 people…

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UAE says stands by Egypt in campaign against militants in Libya

Thousands mourn Egyptian victims of Islamic State in disbelief

But note this: Tripoli-based parliament says Egyptian strike assault on sovereignty: spokesman (They are the Islamists that are how holding Tripoli)

Libyan air force commander says at least 40 militants killed in Libya air strikes (The Air Force is opposed to the Islamists in Tripoli)

The non-Islamists go even further: Libya prime minister calls for international strikes on Islamists: Speaking hours before Egypt bombed Islamic State targets in Libya in retaliation after militants said they had beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians, Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni made a plea for Western military intervention in a country rapidly slipping into chaos.

“We have absolutely confirmed information that al Qaeda and IS are in Tripoli and….near Ben Jawad,” he said, referring to a central town controlled by a faction that supports a rival government.

“I ask world powers stand by Libya and launch military strikes against these groups,” he said. “This threat will move to European countries, especially Italy.”

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Egypt_bombs_Libya__3201364bA destroyed car and debris from a bombed building can be seen after Egypt’s army warplanes carried out airstrikes in neighboring Libya against targets belonging to the ISIL militant group in Derna Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty