What if Christians Behaved Like Muslims?

ROME—Pope Francis today signed a death warrant for comedian Bill Maher, citing Maher’s “repeated insults against the Christian Religion”. The action was announced during the Pope’s weekly address from his residence overlooking St. Peter’s Square and was met with enthusiastic cheering by thousands of Swiss Guards and others thronging the open-air area. Francis, who deposed his predecessor Benedict in a military coup one-and-a-half years ago, made a parallel between insulting Christianity and insulting someone’s grandmother, asserting that both deserved death. Maher could not be reached for comment and was reportedly in hiding in an undisclosed location. His television show, while still running on some stations, has now been pulled by the majority of them, citing “security concerns” following the assassination of a station manager in Japan by Christianist terrorists a few days ago. The Christian holy city of Rome has been off-limits to non-Christians since the era of Constantine.

h/t MW