Tower of London ceramic poppy artist received death threats after it was announced that some of the proceeds from selling them would go to armed forces charities

Organisers warned people not to visit the installation after millions of people queued for hours to see it

The artist who created the sea of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London has revealed he received death threats over the project.

Paul Cummins created 888,246 poppies to be placed outside the Tower of London to remember all those who died in World War One for the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red installation.

But despite the success of the project, which saw thousands of people visit, Mr Cummins said he has received threatening phone calls and letters after it was announced that some of the proceeds from selling poppies would go to armed forces charities.

Around £10million has been raised for six military charities – including Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion – from the sale of the poppies, for around £31 each.

But it appeared news of the fundraising angered some people and Mr Cummins, of Derbyshire, has received threats by email, letter and phone.

‘Even the police got involved,’ he told the Sunday Times.

‘I suppose, because they felt that the money was going to charities which in some way were involved in the war’…

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