They walk among us…

From a CBC commenter named “awhLuh” on the Copenhagen Muslim Terror Attack

“mocking things sacred to other people is not free speech any more than kids bullying other kids online is ‘free speech’…its bullying plain and simple. You can mock your own religion, your own government, your own culture, etc…that is free speech and is protected to allow people to protect their own rights…but when you mock someone else ‘s religion, its just plain insulting. what is the social value of a Christian publishing cartoons that mock and debase the Prophet ? there is none…its just bullying pure and simple.

freedom of speech is variable…remember Charlie Ebdo…the same govenrment that held the huge rally on ‘freedom of speech’ has previously tried to prosecute a cartoonist from the same magazine for a nasty caricature of a jew…yet they protect insulting cartoons of the Prophet?

there are limits to free speech and mocking OTHER people and their religions does not count as free speech any more than bullying does”


I encourage you to read the CBC comments, mine are never allowed, no matter how innocuous.

CBC comment

Want to know the root causes of terrorism in Western nations? There are 3.

1) Islam

2) Multiculturalism

3) Treasonous Immigration Policy