Star’s Resident “Frothing at the Mouth Mohammedan” : Stephen Harper Hates Muslims

Stephen Harper plays the politics of hate against Muslims

Stephen Harper is shameless and cleverer. He is stoking fear of Muslim terrorism, and pandering to public unease about Muslims and Islam.

He has already been campaigning for this year’s federal election against “radical Islam,” “jihad” and “jihadists” (sounding more and more like the Chinese government going on about the “jihadi peril” in Xinjiang province by the Muslim Uighurs).

Harper has just added another arrow to his campaign quiver. He will wage his own jihad against one niqab-wearing woman from Toronto who wants to keep her face covered while being sworn in at the citizenship ceremony.


That Haroon is an unhinged Islamist is well known, but this latest screed plumbs new depths of “Frothing at the Mouth Mohammedism”, even by the Star’s low standard of qualifying mental capacity for columnists.  h/t OH and MP