If Chapel Hill is a “Wake Up Call” for Atheism, When is the Wake Up Call for Islam?

The Islamopologist paradigm widely practiced by the mainstream media is that Muslims should never ever be held responsible for Muslim terrorist attacks carried out in the name of Islam. They should not have to apologize for them, disassociate themselves from them or cooperate with the FBI. We should be ashamed for even thinking it.

After Hicks, a lefty atheist who hated Christians (not so much Muslims), shot 3 Muslims over an ongoing parking dispute in Chapel Hill, the media now claims that atheists have to engage in a moral reckoning or apologize for something.

Typical is the blather of the Gawkerized New Republic’s “The Chapel Hill Murders Should Be a Wake-Up Call for Atheists”.

Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig spends nine miserable paragraphs on empty blather about the New Atheism, without actually ever once showing that

1. Hicks shot the Muslims because he was an atheist

2. Bill Maher and Sam Harris tell atheists to kill Muslims…

It’s worth looking at The New Republic article, although I can hardly believe they are printing this drivel. They include a chart showing the groups that dislike each other the most are atheists and evangelical Christians: