Greenfield: Does Anti-White Racism Need its Own Affirmative Action?

Are we approaching peak racism? I mean peak black racism. Peak white racism was reached in the 19th century and declined since then. Peak black racism however has just kept going and going.

The New Republic, which went from intellectual beacon of the left to Salon/Vox wannabe in less time than an STD infection, decided to run a piece by Jazmine Hawkins whining that white liberals making white jokes co-opts her right to make racist jokes about white people.

I love making fun of white people. I do it every day…No, this is not the most effective way to fight prejudice. But it is one of the most enjoyable… You’ll find some white people making the same sorts of quips—and often joking the hardest.

This is how the party ends—with white people wanting in on the joke so badly that they create a separate category of “cool” white people who mock their own whiteness in an effort at solidarity.

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