Copenhagen rabbi says Jews now fear leaving homes

Copenhagen’s main synagogue on Krystalgade (photo credit: Jerrye & Roy Klotz MD/Wikipedia)

Rabbi Yitzchok Loewenthal, a representative of the Chabad movement in Copenhagen, said Sunday that members of the Jewish community fear leaving their homes following a shooting at a free speech event Saturday and another attack hours later outside a synagogue in the Danish capital.

The shootings, which left two dead and five injured, were “clearly acts of terrorism,” Loewenthal told Israel Radio. One of those killed was confirmed to be a Jewish security guard who was working at the synagogue at the time of the attack. The man, whose identity was not made public, was reported to have prevented a much larger attack at the site, according to Israel Radio.

On Sunday, Copenhagen police fired shots near a train station earlier in the day, killing one person. “The police have fired shots at Noerrebro Station. One person is hit,” Copenhagen police wrote on Twitter. Police later added that they were “investigating if the person could be behind the shootings at Krudttoenden and the synagogue in Krystalgade”…

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Get used it, pal. You’ve got too many Muslims for saying shooting synagogues is un-Danish. You’re thinking of the old days. Those days are gone, thanks to “multiculturalism.”