You had me at “swingers’ club in Sheffield”

Some idiot in the Guardian: “I’ve slept with 3,000 men.”

“We’re safety-conscious and I’ve never felt in any danger.” That’s because you’re a moron. If you’ve “slept” with one

I never liked Family Guy, but Brian the talking dog’s description of Sex And The City as a show about “three hookers and their mom” is pretty spot on

tenth of the people you claim you have at least a couple of STDs, if you’re very lucky. As my father used to say, condoms never prevented pregnancy, so why would they prevent AIDS?

Anyway, if she’s dedicated her life to banging countless numbers of random guys, presumably “feeling in danger” is kind of the point. Because trust me, she’s not that horny.

This old woman has two grandchildren, who presumably hate her guts, and her husband, who is “her world”, (oh, the banality of stupid), is almost certainly going to leave her now that she’s got a bum knee and is hobbling around on a stick and is a giant slag because men hate that in a wife. So go eff yourself, Guardian, publisher of crap, destroyer of lives.

I have never met a chronically promiscuous woman who didn’t have severe emotional problems. And no, this doesn’t mean the Saudis have a point.

If you’re as bored as I am you might want to watch this (NSFW):