Shooter now killed by Police: Shooting At Copenhagen Synagogue – 1 Dead, 2 Police Wounded

Update2: Chairman of Jewish Society of Denmark says young Jewish man shot in the head and killed near synagogue

Police have killed a person in Nørrebro #copenhagen according to TV2

Early Sunday morning the police confirmed that they had shot and killed a man near Nørrebro station in the northern part of Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark. The identity of the person is unknown the connection to the days shootings is unconfirmed.

Officers approached him. He was shot after he opened fire on the officers, writes the police in a press release.

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01:15: We have shots fired at the synagogue in Krystalgade in Copenhagen. When the shooting is a person hit by shots to the head, and two police officers hit by gunfire respectively arm and leg. Police would not confirm whether the shooting may be related to the shooting at Krudttønden.

Copenhagen Synagogue Shooting: Reports Say Shots Fired

Here’s the translated report:

Shots have been fired at the synagogue in Crystal Street in central Copenhagen.
It confirms the Copenhagen Police to BBC News.Norreport station is being evacuated.

The spokesman for the Jewish religious communities in Denmark, Dan Rosenberg Asmussen, told BBC News that he is on his way to the synagogue at this moment.
He has no further information at this time.

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